About Us

So, what is the Worth the Wait Revolution?

Welcome to the official website for the Worth The Wait Revolution. We are a non-profit organized movement of sexual purity.

Mission – An organized movement of sexual purity, which represents sexual purity with contemporary style and urban class. Through annual galas, model calls and runway events, this non-profit outreach is revolutionizing the current paradigm of abstinence. As the counter-culture to a lust-filled, “sexploitative” society, the Worth The Wait Revolution is empowering and equipping this generation with real solutions, real testimonies and real results.

What people are saying…!

I am Shovonte Bowen and I want to join the Worth the Wait Revolution because I am 19 years old and still a virgin. I want to stay that way when I go to college in the fall. I love to tell people that I am a virgin because they look up to me. I am not ashamed of my virginity! I want to thank you for taking the time out to read my testimony!
Shovonte Bowen
I am worth the wait because I know myself. I know how having sex with men who are not committed to me has crippled me emotionally. I know that what I want out a relationship is more than fulfillment of a simple biological desire, more than an appetite for lust. What I want is companionship and love and togetherness that will glorify God through its manifestation. I believe that the Lord is bringing that to me and I believe that when God made me He had the man he means for me to be with in mind, and me in mind when He created that man. I believe that my name is written across his heart cause sometimes I can even feel it. -Vickie Klarence
Vickie Klarence